The question is not as much complicated as it looks. As we have many programming languages which have a variety of features, it’s sometimes difficult to answer this question. One cannot decide whether a web developer should learn JavaScript or not, while he has many options. To answer this question, one must know the scope, features, and functionality of JavaScript. One must compare it with other programming languages to answer this question. In this article, I am going to answer this question. I would discuss the features and uniqueness of learning the JavaScript language.

What is JavaScript? Is learning Javascript necessary?

JavaScript is a programming language. In this modern age of software interaction (computer), one must know what programming languages are? And how they interfere with the system. When many programming languages have distinct features from each other, Java is also available as a strong tool for web development. JavaScript is a programming language. It is embedded with HTML to perform different tasks. JavaScript is the tool that makes websites interact with users and engage with users. Furthermore, we use JavaScript in client-side scripting.

Client-Side Scripting:

Client-side scripting is necessary to overcome the difficulties faced by users. It saves the user time. It also reduces the load on the server. In server-side scripting, the server computer receives data from users and performs different actions. For Example, if one is looking for tables and the system asks him to enter the desired number. There might be a case that he enters a number that is not available on the server side. In that case, the server will look for it by performing different actions, and at last, it will show the result “Null.”

Client-side scripting ends all this and saves time. In client-side scripting, a computer is instructed to get only those numbers that are available on the server side. Now, if a user enters a number that is not available on the server side, the user receives a warning message indicating the entry of the wrong number. In this way, it saves time and reduces the load on the server side.

learning Javascript

Comparing JavaScript with other programming languages

By now, many programming languages have been developed, and many will be developed. All the programming languages are developed with the intention of web and application development. They have all the tools required for web development. But the point is which language to learn and which not to learn? 

When it comes to choosing the right programming language for yourself, a few factors play an important role. For instance, the ease of learning the language, development of tools, etc. If we talk about Javascript particularly, there are a wide variety of tools available thus, you can perform almost all tasks. It is the programming language that can even, perform such tasks which other programming languages cannot perform. This makes it unique from others.

Is learning just JavaScript enough for a web developer?

The answer is no. For a web developer, it is necessary to learn different programming languages. But when we to JavaScript, it is not negligible. We know that where HTML and CSS make text good on the website, Java acts. Like PHP, JavaScript is used to create dynamic web pages. Initially, JavaScript was performed in only a few web browsers. But by now, almost all web browsers support JavaScript. 

Learning Javascript
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Form Validation:

As we have discussed earlier, we used JavaScript in form validation. We need to know what the form validation is? Sometimes websites collect some data from users e.g., when you are subscribing. You need to fill out a form. While filling out the form, you may receive popup alerts. Web developers program these alerts in JavaScript. If you fill in something wrong, you receive a warning or cannot proceed further.

In short, although different web development tools are available to assist, a web developer without knowing JavaScript is like a man with no eyes. 

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