This guide will help you find the way to install the WordPress plugins from the wp-admin dashboard and from the zip plugin file which you can download from the WordPress plugin directory or from the plugin developer sites. I hope you know what is WordPress and how to install it on your system. If not then you can find it here

How to install the WordPress plugins from the WP admin dashboard

Follow the steps below to install the plugins for your WordPress site.

Open the Plugin page

Login to your WordPress site.

Go to the admin dashboard and click on the plugins from the menu bar. You can see the menubar at the left side of your wp-admin dashboard screen.

How to Install WordPress plugin from wp-admin dashboard
Step1: Install WordPress plugins: Plugins -> Add new

Click on add new button, This will open the plugins page to add the plugin which you want to install.

WordPress plugins installation guide
Step 2: WordPress plugins installation: Click on Add New

Search for the plugin to install

Step 3: Installation of WordPress Plugin: Search for the required plugin

You can see the search box on the plugins page, type the required keyphrase or author/tag in the search box. Don’t forget to select the Author or tag from the dropdown list if you want to search the plugins by author name or by tag. You will see the list of the related plugins to your search term. Click on the install now button for the plugin you need to install.

Installation of WordPress plugin - clcik Install now
Step 4: Installation of WordPress plugin: Click on the Install now button

Activate the WordPress Plugin

Once installation is finished you can see the Activate button, click on it to activate the plugin

Activate the installed word press plugin
Step 5: WordPress Plugin installation: Click on Activate button

After activating you are now ready to use the plugin. This is all you need to do for the installation of the plugin.

There might be some settings or configurations for some plugins. It depends on the nature of the plugin. You can find the plugin’s configuration or settings details on the Plugin details page. For this, you can go to the plugins page by clicking the More details button (find this below the activate button)

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