Every single site yes I am telling every single site over internet must be SEO friendly to get the traffic to the site. You might be curious about the questions like, Is this that much of important? why SEO is so much important? how can I make the site SEO friendly? and the most curious question would be What is SEO. So let us start from the last one.


What is SEO

The long form of SEO says that, its Search Engine Optimization, so lets first see what is search engine. You might have searched something over Google or Bing. So here you are thats the Search engine. In very simple words its simply the site like ours just its working is to search content over internet and give the result according to your searched keywords. For ex. if you type facebook and searched for it, the search engine searches the sites where you can get information about the facebook or even though you will be getting videos images or news as a search result. So now you might be clear here that search engine is the site where you get useful searched related to your search keywords.

So now you also should have got some idea about what is SEO . Its simply optimization of search engine. Not clear till now? dont worry I am explaining it in short. you are now aware of the search engine, Then optimizing the search result of your site is the SEO. You need not to optimize the search engine itself, you need to optimizing your site to be shown in the top results. Its all based on keywords, uniqueness of content and the readability of your site content. There is also more thing the user experience of your site. That might be in terms of site speed, images, layout of your site and some other factors as well.

Why SEO is so much important

Over 80% of internet traffic is generated from Search engine. the reason behind it is that no one would like to remember the site URL to see any content. Everyone needs to get answer of his question as quickly as possible so he only tries to enter the keywords and in seach engine and search for the related content then visit the top most of 10-20 sites shown by the search engine. Sometimes that may be upto 50 results. no one would browse more than this. Instead of doing this he tries to search with another keywords. So here comes the role of SEO for the site. The main purpose of doing SEO for your site is that to be in the top 50. If your site is in the top results, you would get more traffic and hence the growth in your business.

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