Should I consider PHP in web development? Many people come up with this question. So, here we are to help you get a solution to your question.


Originally, PHP stood for “Personal Home Page.” But now its name has changed to Hypertext Preprocessor. It was discovered in 1994. 

Should we consider PHP for website design and development?

Below we’ll discuss its advantages and modern concepts to find the answer to this question.

Importance of PHP in web development

No one can neglect the importance of PHP in web design and development. We also use it for the development of many complex apps. It has many functions which any other language cannot perform. Let’s discuss how PHP is important to us and what are its major functions.

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Do you read the right “server-side scripting”? Yes, you have read right because PHP is a server-side scripting language. Do you know what scripting language is? I would explain briefly. A scripting language is not a complete programing language. It consists of smaller scripts, which are to be embedded with other programming languages like HTML as it is a server-side scripting language. It is easily used in creating dynamic web pages.

What are dynamic websites?

Dynamic web pages are those pages whose properties like color etc., changes when some action is taken, like when clicked, mouseover, or visiting again. PHP language plays a major role in the development of dynamic web pages. On the other hand, static web pages don’t have such qualities. Nowadays, dynamic websites are more popular than static ones. Most popular websites like Facebook and Amazon are dynamic. 

Scope of PHP.

Initially, the creators of PHP developed it with the intention of a web development tool. By now, we use it for the development of applications as well. It is better to develop any website or application with PHP as it supports all the platforms (operating systems) like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. In the same vein, means that the websites and applications developed using PHP can run on all these operating systems. In addition, most Database Management Systems (DMS) also, support PHP. Moreover, PHP is compatible with software integration. About 70% of websites and applications are developed by/ or have PHP scripting. 

Things that you should know about PHP.

PHP is more popular than other programming languages because of its unique features. As discussed above, PHP has many features. It is the strongest tool for web and application development. As it has many unique features, we consider it is superior to other programming languages used in this modern age. HTML is the primary tool web in development. Programming languages other than PHP are different at all. PHP is similar to HTML. Its basic coding is identical to HTML, and it is easy to embed PHP in HTML. We save HTML file with the extension “HTML.”

While on the other hand, we save PHP files with the “.PHP” extension. One example will clear all the confusion about the status of PHP when compared with other languages.  PHP is like a specialist doctor for specific options in the medical field, and all the other programming languages are like general surgeons. They can solve some problems but not perfectly. So is the case with PHP. If you want, you can try to use any programming language for web development. However, beating PHP might not be possible for you.


Are you unable to decide whether to learn PHP or not? Is there any scope of PHP in this era? I assure you that PHP is not dead till now, and we can predict that it would not die in the future.  To sum up, the above example has clearly shown the importance and the power of PHP. So you can learn PHP if you are willing to be a web developer in the future. One more thing, a firm grip on your profession will make your future brighter.

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