WordPress was released 17 years ago; It has been the most popular website creation CMS ever since. Choosing between various WordPress plans and buying the best for your website might be a confusing choice. So, here we are, to help you out.

You can use WordPress for free, but the free plan doesn’t have many features. As well as the lack of functionality, the free plan includes WordPress.com ads which most website owners want to avoid.

In addition to the free version, you can choose from four packages suitable for different types of websites:

Personal: Entry-level plan for users who want to use a custom domain.

Premium: More advanced features for professional bloggers.

Business: Access to custom plugins and themes.

eCommerce: Designed for online stores.

This brings us to some tougher questions. Which of the WordPress Plans should you choose? WordPress personal or premium? WordPress Business or eCommerce?

Here are the main differences between four features of WordPress Plans:

WordPress plans- Jetpack feature

Jetpack is a plugin from wordpress that has basic features for a blog, including:

Blog Visitor Statistics

Basic SEO

Spam Protection

Auto Share when publish

Social media buttons

Subscribe to email

and others

WordPress.com advertising

This wordpress.com ad means an ad that will appear on your blog when you subscribe to a free package, this will be nothing.

If you have upgraded to a personal package, then you can remove the ad from wordpress.com, meanwhile if you have upgraded further to premium or business.

You can get money from ads that appear on your blog or remove them if you don’t want any ads on your blog. 

Advanced design customization

This is a feature to change the appearance of your blog with CSS, with CSS you can set the background, fonts, colors and appearance of the writing more freely.

WordPress plans- Videopress

Videopress is a video hosting feature on the wordpress.com server. So you can upload your video on the blog and then display it on the blog. The appearance of videopress is also simple and beautiful, of course, without ads on videos like YouTube.

In addition, there are also SD and HD display options.

 Site Monetization

This is one of the user’s favorite features because it can make money from their blog, this feature can be turned on or off as desired if you subscribe to a premium or business package.

In the premium package, you can join the wordads program. Whereas in the business package there are other options to use besides wordads. Namely Google AdSense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, and Vibrant Media.

In addition, you can also add payment methods with the paypal button. For example, for products that you sell or in accepting donations.

Hidden Features

The paypal button feature and the scheduled share and re-share feature are additional hidden features for the premium and business plans.

Why do I say hidden? Because it is not mentioned in the WordPress package comparison, even though in my opinion this is a fairly important feature. With this feature, you can re-share old articles on your blog with just one click to all social media channels that you have connected to previously. plus the scheduled share feature which makes it very easy and saves your time, so just in one day. You can set a schedule for sharing on your social media in the future. For example, for the next 10 days on a certain date and time.

These are the differences regarding each WordPress Plan, which can be selected according to your needs and budget. For more detailed information about the prices and features provided by each WordPress Plan, please see the website.

Thank you!

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