What is WordPress why use WordPress to build a website

What is WordPress – a blogging tool WordPress is a website creation tool that is open source and you can use it for free of cost. It’s also referred to as WP(A short form). It is one of the most used tools by thousands of website owners for creating content for their websites. It’s simply […]

How to install WordPress plugins – zip/dashboard

How to Install a wordpress plugin

This guide will help you find the way to install the WordPress plugins from the wp-admin dashboard and from the zip plugin file which you can download from the WordPress plugin directory or from the plugin developer sites. I hope you know what is WordPress and how to install it on your system. If not […]

Migrate WordPress site to new domain without plugin – database query

PHPMyAdmin to change DB Queries for changing old domain with new domain

Steps involved in to migrate the WordPress site to a new domain Follow the steps below to migrate the WordPress site to the new domain. You will find the database queries to execute for changing the URLs and site links. These queries are very helpful if you migrate your site to a new domain without […]