How to style HTML using CSS?

If you have learned basic HTML coding, now it is time to learn how to style your web pages?  You can style your web pages to make your website more attractive and interactive. To make your website’s interface much better, you need to stylize your web page. You can stylize your web pages using CSS. […]

Why website is important for business

Are you doing business? No matter the type of your business, it’s super important to have a website for a small business. The importance of a website is that it provides a 24/7 online presence & builds strong trust with your customers. Let see the Google Trends report of the search term “small business website” […]

How to install WordPress on your server

Wordpress Installation

What is WordPress WordPress is the most widely used platform for creating a blog. It’s because it’s very simple to create a page in WordPress. You don’t have to be a web designer or don’t need to know coding, simply write the content add images with the help of page/post editor, review the page and […]

How to create your own website

Creating your own website is not very difficult in recent days. You don’t need to have designing skills. You just need some basic computer knowledge. There are some frameworks like WordPress which allows you to simply type your content and post them. We will disscuss here how you can make your own website by yourself. […]